SaaS Leader Summit


Start: 9:30 Uhr

Kaffee vom Barista und verschiedene Croissants

11:30 Uhr bis 14:30 Uhr

Streetfood von Sir LunchALot, für Fleischliebhaber, Vegetarier und Veganer

Ab 15:00 Uhr

Frische Poffertjes & Obst

Ab 18:30 Uhr

Streetfood berlinerisch, Cross-Over und als Abschluss Dirty Waffles, gemischt mit Wein, Bier & Musik 

Stage 1

Stage 2

10:15 Uhr

 Welcome & Opening

Frank Türling, Founder & CEO @ flowmate

Supriyo Bhattacharya, Director @ German Edge Cloud

10:30 Uhr

Interview: Wie gewinnt man 250K Kunden in Deutschland

Christian Steiger, Geschäftsführer @ Lexware

Frank Tuerling, Founder & CEO @ flowmate

11:00 Uhr

Interview: How to empower 1B+ spreadsheet users to beat Excel and Google Sheets

Torben Schulz, Founder & COO @ Rows

Joran Hofman, Founder @ Reditus


Speed Dating with our Investors

8 Investors

11:30 Uhr

Keynote: Top 5 Learnings scaling to 1000 enterprise customers

André Christ, CEO & Co-Founder @ LeanIX


12:00 Uhr

Interview: On Creating your Own Category of Software & establishing a Habit Change among Consumers

Lea Frank, CEO @ Anybill

Bettine Schmitz, Founder @ AUXXO

Diskussion: Early stage fundraising in tough times

Moderation: Sherin Maruhn, Investor Readiness Programme @ PwC

Charlotte Rothert, Founder @ doinstruct

Benjamin Wüstenhagen, CEO @ accessia

Christophe Aumaitre, Partner @ Wenvest


12:30 Uhr

Diskussion: Building a sustainable SaaS business with continuous growth

Moderation: Patrick Prokesch, Mentor @ Seedcamp

Matthias Henze, CEO @ Jimdo

Christian Mudure, CEO @ Stackfield

Keynote: Pitch Deck 101: Die Erfolgsfaktoren für ein SaaS-Deck

Christian Ritosek, Founder & CEO @ Candis


13:00 Uhr

Keynote: How to build a global SaaS business uberall and near me

Florian Hübner, CEO @ Uberall

Jan Thomas, CEO @ Startup Insider

Keynote: More than VC – welche Art der Finanzierung ist die richtige für dein Unternehmen?

Christian Stein, Partner @ Riverside Acceleration Capital


13:30 Uhr

Interview: How to push business and valuation with a automation product strategy

Christian Eggert, Head of Product @ Personio

Frank Tuerling, Founder & CEO @ flowmate

Interview: Deep Dive – Business angels, venture capital or revenue-based financing?

Moderation: Sherin Maruhn, Investor Readiness Programme @ PwC

Paul Becker, Co-Founder @ re:cap

Annika von Mutius, Co-Founder @ Empion

Arnas Bräutigam, Founder @ Startupdetector


14:00 Uhr

Diskussion: Partnerships are mission critical for B2B SaaS – how to (not) start them

Moderator: Martin Scholz

Hanna Waldenmaier, VP Global Partnerships @Parloa

Martin Schmidt, VP Business Development @ sevDesk

Niklas Palm, Head of Partnerships @ Hero Software

Abhinandan Natarajan, (Frm.) Head of Partnerships at Pipedrive 

Keynote: Sprinkle magic in product

Lucas Bauche, Co-Founder & CPO @ awork 


14:30 Uhr

Interview: Zero to $10M: Learnings from Bootstrapping a SaaS Company

Kajetan v. Armansperg, CEO @ Leapsome

Alexander Brühl, Founder @ SaaS Garage

Diskussion: Accelerating ARR growth through Integration and Automation 

Moderator: Sophie Türling, FlowMate  

Markus Aurich, CTO @ reteach

Niclas Storz, CEO @ Tidely


15:00 Uhr

Interview: Raketenstart ohne Investoren: Wie anny Millionen Umsätze nach nur drei Jahren erzielt

Anna-Carina Jodlauk, CMO @ anny

Frank Tuerling, Founder & CEO @ flowmate

Keynote: The rise of AI – what’s in it for Ed Tech

Elisa Hertzler, Founder & CEO @ Peers


15:30 Uhr

Interview: Building a Vertical SaaS-Leader in a digital backwater

Peter Schindlmeier, CEO @ Casavi

Christian Arndt, VC @ HTGF

Diskussion: Revolution AI – Neue Wachstumschancen für SaaS Provider

Moderator: Tina Ruseva, Founder & CEO @Mentessa

Michael Movchin, Director New Markets @ Troi

Malte Scholz, Founder & CEO @ airfocus

Torben Schulz, Founder & COO @ Rows


16:00 Uhr

Interview: Product feature or company (Value through multi product)

Nikolai Skatchkov, Co-Founder & CESO @ Circula

Christian Knott, Tech Investor @ Cpnamic Ventures

Best Practise: Wie Product Marketing SaaS-Unternehmen revolutioniert 

Kevin Hähnlein, Head Of Product Marketing @ Haiilo


16:30 Uhr

Interview: Going upmarket: The journey from SMB to Enterprise Clients

Hartmut Hahn, CO-Founder & CEO @ Userlane

Tilo Bonow, Founder & CEO @ PIABO Communications

Interview: Scaling SaaS Success: How to design a product to win 1k+ customers annually

Robin Brinkmann, Founder @ scoonr

Michael Kessler, CEO @ Hero Software

Lukas Schöngut, CRO @ Crewmeister

17:00 Uhr

Keynote: State of SaaS Financing

Guillem Sagué, Partner @ Nauta Capital

17:30 Uhr

SaaS Leader Award – Siegerehrung

Frank Tuerling, Founder & CEO @ flowmate

Outside 18:30 Uhr – 22:30 Uhr: Streetfood, Musik & Drinks 

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