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Certified Cloud


Certified Cloud

Certified Cloud is a quality label for software as a service or infrastructure solutions. In addition, we can also designate you expert status. For this, you need to write a white paper on a topic in which you can demonstrate expertise.


You can apply for your certificate in just a few steps. To do so, fill out the online questionnaire and we will check your details immediately. This usually takes a week, if everything is OK, we just have to check your references.

 Certified Cloud Solution

 Businesses commit to maintaining technical, contractual and service-related cloud quality standards. Security plays a role here as well, just as flexible booking and exit options or service levels do. Proven references also provide additional confirmation of your credibility.

Certified Cloud  Infrastructure

With the IaaS Certificate, you commit to maintaining technical, contractual and service-related cloud quality standards. Prospective customers looking for reliable infrastructure should place those providers that have the Certified Cloud quality label on their shortlist.

 Certified Cloud Professional

The cloud eco system offers professional know-how for providers and users. Providers that have already successfully offered and delivered a cloud-related service to customers can be awarded the Certified Cloud certificate. This has to be proven by means of references.

We are already certified


The certification allows you to raise yourself above your competitors. It speeds up the decision-making process, because decision-makers have trust in awards. Once your solution or expertise has been successfully verified, you can use the mark to advertise in your channels for a year. To ensure quality, self-assessment is carried out every year.

More Trust

Interested parties can find the Certified Cloud Label on your website. This improves your reputation and increases the chances of successfully closing.


More Traffic

The certificate can help you generate more traffic to your website. Interested parties can find your solution on the Certified Cloud page. Interested parties can also make their selection based on certifications in the Smart Business Cloud Marketplace and at all Basaas Marketplaces.

More Sales

Advertise the award on your website and demonstrate the quality of your solution to prospective customers in a prominent position. Improve your conversion rates by doing so and generate more business.


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