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As an independent ecosystem we bring the leading SaaS companies together and generate growth impulses. Together we push the SaaS business in Germany and Europe to gain more international market share.

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Certified Cloud

Quality is everything, also for Cloud Solutions! With Certified Cloud – the leading certificate for SaaS and IaaS solutions – you optimise your branding and increase customer confidence. The quality label is an important support for users during the selecting process for the right cloud solution.

Smart Business Cloud

Cloud magazine & App Store! In our Cloud magazine SMB will find tips around the cloud, success stories and we compare solutions with each other. The App Store is the largest marketplace for public cloud solutions. The result for your company by placing your solution: better conversion and more sales.

Open Integration Hub

The Open Integration Hub is a Profider-independent open source framework for easy data synchronisation between any chosen software applications to make the synchronisation of business data as simple as possible. By connecting to the hub, you open up new sales channels.

Open Integration Hubplus is looking for testers for the platform

Mit der entstehenden Plattform möchten wir es für euch so einfach wie möglich machen, Integrationen aus der eigenen UI heraus anzubieten. Um den Mehrwert für euch sicherzustellen, haben wir in kürzester Zeit ein erstes MVP erstellt, das jeder ab sofort testen kann. Ein eigener Konnektor ist nicht notwendig.

Neugierig? Dann meldet euch direkt bei robin.brinkmann@cloudecosystem.org oder schaut HIER.  

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Joining our community means making a difference. Together with you, we want to boost the cloud business and realize projects. Our community is open to all those who would like to further develop the cloud market with us. Whether with free Supporting Membership or as a Professional/Premium Member, we have a solution for all providers!

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