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More and more German and European SaaS providers are successfully conquering international markets. Meaning you don't have to be in Silicon Valley to build a scalable business. On the contrary, SaaS is location independent. What it much more crucial is that we use new technologies and develop scalable business models. Our mindset is decisive for our success above all.

To this end, the Cloud Ecosystem brings together the leading minds in the German-speaking SaaS community in a series of interviews. Successful lighthouse providers, leading minds from the IT industry and investors talk openly about their experiences so that we can learn from each other and develop our industry.

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Benedikt Sauter ist eine Gründernatur. Nach seinem Informatik-Studium startete er mit seiner Frau Claudia das erste Unternehmen, um Microcontroller-Platinen zu produzieren und über einen eigenen Online-Shop zu verkaufen.

In Ermangelung einer geeigneten ERP-Software programmierte Sauter diese selbst. Mittlerweile steuert er als CEO den Wachstumskurs seines erfolgreichen ERP-Software-Startups xentral.

Benedikt Sauter

CEO und Founder, XENTRAL

The hosts and interviewees:

Frank is the founder of Basaas and has long-term experience with business apps and cloud marketplaces. He has transformed numerous cloud projects into a success over the last decade. He is Chief Executive Officer of Cloud Ecosystem and project manager for the Open Integration Hub.

Frank Türling

CEO & Founder, Basaas GmbH

Wolfgang has been working as an architect, consultant, project manager and manager in SW engineering and technology consulting for many years. In April 2007 he founded X-INTEGRATE Software & Consulting GmbH based in Cologne and has been a managing partner since then.

Wolfgang Schmidt


Robin gained his first experience at T-Systems, Exact and Scopevisio during and after his studies in business informatics. He joined Cloud Ecosystem in 2018 and is now responsible for the Open Integration Hub project including the development of the integration platform.

Robin Brinkmann

Head of Open Integration Hub, Cloud Ecosystem

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  • Investment criteria for leading investors

  • Contacts with investors

  • Questions to the interview partner

  • Expanding the network in the ecosystem


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